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loopholes, askreddit, jobs, money, smart people, reddit, memes, funny stories, funny comments, clever, win, making money, saving money, lol, funny | paid three hundred dollars month park really pimped out van heated garage Boston. If parked front no one could see Found spot near an electrical outlet and ran line into van. Paid 10 gym across street open 24 hours so had all hot showers wanted. Served at nearby restaurant so ate most my meals free. Watched tv on my laptop with free WiFi coffee shop

Brilliant Loopholes People Exploited For Years

Props to these amateur con artists
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funny memes, reddit, funny comments, smart people, nerds, math, math jokes, they did the math, smart ass, funny tweets, knowledge, science, memes | Drunk Jake @TheDrunkJake Owen Wilson has made around $217,838,000 his movies. He averages around 3500 words per movie 47 movies s about $1,324 per word Wow 102 those words. Owen Wilson has made roughly $135,072 saying wow | 4 years ago will pay approximately 28 million dollars monopoly money do this rest record. I6 278 10 Add public reply 4 months

15+ Nerds Who Did the Math For Kicks

Who knew math could be funny
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murdered by words, owned, witty comebacks, stupid people, smart people, roasts, funny, memes, funny tweets, twitter, facebook, covid-19, covid-19 vaccine, anti-vaxxers, karen | thankfully 's been taken off streets doing God's work mate lost an ancestor sword just like 13th century | Marc Bernardin O @marcbernardin Diabetes? McDonald's O @McDonalds 3d ok fine secret Santa guess got Show this thread

22 Epic Times People Won With Their Words

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funny memes, memes, math memes, math, they did the math, reddit, reddit thread, nerds, knowledge, educational

Big-Brained Nerds Who Did the Math Just for Fun

Someone's gotta do it
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The only way the people will know.

Funny meme about how writers either make a smart person play chess or play piano
Via u/Strangermans
math, funny memes, reddit, facebook, twitter, funny comments, owned, memes, smart people, smartass, knowledge | average kitchen sponge weighs around 2oz weight teddy bear is around 10oz. 2 bears plus bar (let's assume plastic) is ballpark 22oz s 11x's his body weight. Average male weight is 197lbs. x11 2,167lbs ya boi just cleaned seconds after waking up | Louis Bosley added 42 new photos album Salcombe Exam leave. Saturday at 5:05 pm t 14 boys/31 gallons budweiser/5days Like Comment Share Liv

Brainiacs Who Did The Math For The Sake Of A Joke

Numbers can be funny too
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Funny smart people who make stupid people look bad on the internet | alex e @bahayogi Actually, soaps do help virus is self-assembled nanoparticle and weakest link is lipid bilayer wash hands with soap dissolves fatty membrane and virus falls apart thus becoming "inactive Please wash hands. TheeSkinnyLegend TM @MyLifeAsR 1d Fun fact: antiBACTERIAL soaps kill 99.9 bacteria, do nothing against VIRUSES. And corona is fact VIRUS. | Alexander J. Cortes @AJA_Cortes Unnatural hair colors woman are warn

21 Times People Were Murdered By Words

Got 'em
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technically true, funny memes, memes, funny comments, reddit, facebook, twitter, true facts | usually sit on computer 12 hours day is bad? Best Answer- Chosen by Asker cant be comfortable. Try chair | student writing mathematical equations on a blackboard

Cheeky Answers That Feel Wrong But Are Technically Accurate

Where's the lie?
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stupid people, twitter, reddit, facebook, funny comments, witty comebacks, roast, facepalm, fail | love these eyelashes Xavier If she blinks more than once. She's gonna fly | My wife is nurse and live red state. She feels wearing mask significantly reduces spread virus went Sam's Club tonight with face covering and able buy everything on my list. Weird little impacted my ability shop. 56 27 22 949 am nurse and disagree so not all nurses and doctors share opinion. 15 25 sure have medical license

15 Times People Were Annihilated By Words

They're probably still in recovery
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16 Highly Intellectual Memes That Plebes Just Won't Understand

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