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Funny Twitter meme about a plumber coming to work at Hogwarts and Salazar Slytherin wanting the pipes to be big enough for a giant snake to fit in
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Text-Driven Tumblr Posts About The World Of Harry Potter

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funny Harry Potter memes | Person - AM RD Vov DE MOR And watching Disney Channel | Person - -absolute-best-posts: dracosredemption girl next Crabbe looks like Crabbe with wig on tight budget

17 Riddikulus Harry Potter Memes That'll Hagrid You Of Your Boredom

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funny harry potter twitter

19 Times 'Hogwarts Logic' Tweets Made Us Wonder What Was Going On In J.K. Rowling's Head

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Caption that reads, "When your computer says it is connected to the internet but nothing loads" above panel images of Snap saying, "Don't lie to me"
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Nerd Out: 21 Amusing Harry Potter Comics From Emily McGovern

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Welcome to Slotherin

Harry Potter puns slytherin funny - 7442974464
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The Only House I Ever Want to Be Sorted Into

Hall of Fame Harry Potter house literalism prefix similar sounding slytherin snape - 5861677568
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Every Day at Hogwarts

Harry Potter Hogwarts Memes shufflin slytherin - 5011658496
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famous Hagrid Harry Potter lizard quote rhyme slytherin wizard - 4564201216
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Go cry, Death Eater

malfoy Memes slytherin - 4476945408
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