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When you study for two minutes, photo of sloth and sunset with the text that reads "knowledge is power."
Via meme.w0rld

Sloth or Croissant?

sloths - 8759631104
By Unknown

The Most Romantic Sloth

GIF of the most romantic sloth ever

Sloth Gets Picked Up

critters gifs sloths jungle water - 8236688640
By Unknown

This is Like Asking Are Fries Delicious?

gifs critters sloths - 8565257216
By Unknown

Wouldn't These Be for People Who Are Working Too Hard?

Via Gemma Correll

Doctors Are Full of Crap

Via I Raff I Ruse

Lil' Sloth Has a Big Yawn

lions gifs critters sloths - 8544338688
By Unknown

Little Sloth Yawns Over Its Engaging Story

gifs critters sloths yawns - 8541967872
By Unknown

Yes, What is It?

gifs critters cute sloths - 8540271104
By Unknown

Sloths Climbing Trees

trees gifs critters sloths - 8523096832
By Unknown

There's Never Enough Time to Sleep

Via Andres Colmenares

A Sloth's Journey Up The Jungle Gym

gifs climbing critters sloths - 8506455296
By Unknown

Sloth Tries to Touch a Hand

critters gifs sloths - 8083618816
By Unknown

Sloths Get Excited to Sell An Energy Drink

gifs critters sloths energy drinks seems legit - 8492572928
By Unknown
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