Aw F*ck

Caption that reads, "When you wake up and check your phone to see how much longer you can sleep, but it's right before your alarm rings" above a pic of a character from Rick and Morty lying in bed looking at his alarm clock
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I'm Just Resting My Eyes I Swear

Caption that reads, "'Don't fall asleep;' Me: 'I'm not;' Also me: ..." above a pic of Ice-T falling asleep sitting in a chair
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I Just Can't Figure It Out

Eric Andre meme where he shoots 'a healthy sleeping schedule' and can't figure out why he's always tired
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11 Signs You Might Be Sleep-Deprived That Take A Comically Eerie Twist

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Most Heinous Irony of All Is How Awake You're About to Be at 2AM

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Monday Morning Breakroom Routine

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Sleepy Bunny is Very Sleepy

Sleepy Bunny is Floppy Gif
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"Somebody turn off the Light!"

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Kid Knows What Time It Is

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Undercover Bunny

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Have You Ever Been So Tired You Fell Asleep With a Donut in Your Mouth?

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Kitten Falls Asleep

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When Your Alarm Goes Off in The Morning

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Wait, I Work Today?!

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Red Panda Still Tired From Its Nap

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