sleeping in

Wait A Minute

Funny meme that reads, "When you're sleeping and your alarm didn't ring yet but the amount of sleep you're getting is suspicious"
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A Cause We Can Get Behind

Funny sign that reads, "Why is sleeping in considered lazy but going to bed early isn't? I am starting the #AllSleepMatters movement"
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Omg Thank U Me

'Blessings from Jesus' meme where Jesus represents 'Me at 6am,' the light beams represent 'You are allowed to sleep for 15 more minutes,' and the woman represents 'Me at 6am'
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Literally Every Morning

Tweet that reads, "Me: I hate math; Also me: If I cut my shower down to three minutes and breakfast down to ten, I can hit the nine-minute snooze two more times and only be five minutes late"
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"The most dangerous game to play: 'Resting your eyes' in the morning after shutting off your alarm"

Why Do Other People Have to Be So Freaking Productive?

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