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'Sleep Paralysis Demon' Is A Twitter Meme Made Up Of Literal Nightmares

If you've ever dealt with sleep paralysis then you'll know that it can be a pretty damn terrifying experience! In case you're unaware of what this phenomenon is, it occurs when your body becomes temporarily paralyzed either while you're falling asleep or when you wake up. During this time, you're unable to move while still being fully aware of what's going on. 

Many people hallucinate demonic-looking creatures for a short amount of time and will experience intense fear. Luckily, it's an extremely common condition and rarely ever indicates any sort of psychiatric problem, so aside from being temporarily petrified, you don't have to worry too much about it.

These people are meme-ing their own sleep paralysis demons to make them seem a little less scary, and a little more amusing!

Do you experience sleep paralysis? If so, what does your demon look like?

'Sleep Paralysis Demon' Twitter meme
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