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Caption that reads, "Guns n Roses have really toned it down" above a sign that reads, "Welcome to the garden - please respect the rules" above some made-up lyrics from 'Welcome to the Jungle'
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Hate It When Somebody Slashes Your Tires Like That

slash puns prank - 8801747712
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Sweet Ride of Mine!

cars puns Music slash - 8002358528

At Least They Didn't Steal Your Axls

slash - 7790913024

At Least They Didn't Damage Your Axl

Music slash pun g rated - 7787664640

Slashing Tires

slash photoshop prank - 7649945344
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Classic: Slash-o-Vision

slash vision seeing - 6902498048

The Only Care That Matters

obamacare slash care otp love hug - 6708421632

Stingray! Stop Photobombing My OTP!

kissing Mitt Romney otp paul ryan slash - 6619529984
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Of Course There's Romney/Ryan Slash Fiction

Mitt Romney paul ryan slash - 6535332608

Welcome to the Jungle

best of week hair seeing slash the internets - 6191728384

Slashed Tires

action double meaning guns n roses Hall of Fame literalism slash symbol tires - 6164600576
Created by Unknown

Guitar Queero...

Guitar Hero Memes slash video games - 5938775808
Created by tooker96

Jim, John, Same Thing Really

facebook name rip slash - 5715030016
Created by sscreric


diagram double meaning explanation guns n roses keyboard literalism slash - 4853433856

After the Metam/Phosis

caterpillar homophones literalism similar sounding slash - 4792944896
Created by nadirzenith
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