Funny twitter account Room Rater rates peoples homes based on the backgrounds of their video calls | Room Rater MAD DCG PAC @ratemyskyperoom STRONG. BE difference between hostage video and this is adding three frames. Great blue. Making 7/10 @HurdOnTheHill TODAY 12PM ET SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI LIVE LIVE REP. WILL HURD (R) TEXAS MSNBC DOW A54.99 | MAD OGG PAC Go big or go home. Leopard spot wallpaper win. 9/10 @Monicagaylefox2 FOX 2 6:14 43° 6:51 PM 23 Apr 20 Twitter iPhone

Genius Twitter Account Judges Homes Via Video Call Backgrounds

We need this now more than ever.
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"Is this a Pigeon" meme where the guy represents "Skype," his hand represents "Is this a [minimize icon]," and the butterfly represents the "exit" icon
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100% Accurate

Funny meme about how Skype is the worst thing ever.
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Why Can't You Leave Me Alone, Skype?

skype never shuts down
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Sad skype lonely Video - 75307521

Are You Self Employed? Learn to Skype Alone From the Saddest Tutorial Ever

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Skype Sorta Needs Audio, Dude

computer FAIL skype - 8253494528
Created by KaoticPopTartz

I've Always Wanted to Hear Someone Say Those Words!

skype forever alone - 6546870272

Skype RAGE!

skype table flip sir - 7775053824
Created by Vladlolz

Skype RAGE!

skype sir - 7729310208
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Or Any Other Program, Really

pie charts skype graphs funny - 7587319552

This Happens a Lot on Skype

skype the office mistakes - 7585441024
Created by Kristybobisty

Some Seriously Clever Devil Worshipers

skype satan worship devil - 7034802432
Created by Vadigor

Scumbag Skype

skype Scumbag Steve Jackie Chan money - 6212240640
Created by Unknown

Skype Revisited

table flip sir skype - 6661663744


skype phone - 6621938944
Created by xyzpdq1

The Awkward Zone

Awkward fapping skype venn diagram zone - 6304126208
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