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Artist Draws Classic Christmas Characters in Popular Animated Styles and the Results are Astonishing

Cindy Lou Who drawn in aggressive Dragon Ball Z-style has got to be the best one.
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10+ People Who Are Way More Skilled Than The Rest Of Us

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Cashier Displays Champion Grocery Scanning Skills, Not Everyone Is Impressed

No matter what some might say, there really is no such thing as unskilled labor. Whether they’re making your coffee or mopping the floor, pretty much anyone who works for an hourly rate has had to refine what they do until it’s something close to an art form (or at least decent enough that it isn’t going to get them fired). When people don’t always show their gratitude and a raise can be hard to come by, it’s no wonder that some enjoy showing off by taking their skills to social media. This see…
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Pretty Impressive, Eh?

Stock photo of a woman interviewing someone with caption that reads, "So what are your skills?" above a pic of someone blowing tea out of a teapot spout into a tea cup
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You're Hired

People - "So any skills that separates you from other applicants?" Me: IG @BetaSalmon EMMYS I can finish an entire bottle of wine by myself.
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You're Hired

skills image interview You're Hired
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When You Level Up Your Archery Skill

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car landing skills wtf - 4591323904
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Now That's Skill

funny skills pro throwing knives - 8392033024
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It's an Important Skill

bikes cops funny skills - 8328321280
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Some Special Skills Shouldn't Be Shown

skills wtf bad idea eww funny - 8194571520
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Now That's Talent

skills apes funny - 8133908736
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What a Skilled Artisan

skills work funny - 8110536448
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That's Skill!

Planking skills wtf funny - 8093271808
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Ring Around the Beer

beer skills funny after 12 g rated - 8068544256
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Look Mom!

skills awesome juggling foot - 7964011520
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