funny spicy and offensive dank memes | Licking knife after l'm done other surgeons: made with mematic | Kyle @KylePlantEmoji This asshole thought just because he driving some fancy, expensive vehicle, he could go as fast as he wanted and weave between cars. Sol got front him and slowed down 10mph below speed limit Imao Fuckin ambulances swear

Questionably Spicy Memes Brimming With Dark Humor

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Funny parody tweets about the Amazon Fulfillment Centers being a good place to work

Amazon Gets Roasted For Creating Fake Twitter Accounts To Hide Its Sketchy Working Conditions

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Text message story about Door Dash employee

DoorDash Proves It's Shady AF In This Incredibly Frustrating Text Message Thread

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Funny Tumblr post about the weird nuances of Tracy, California Person - queencatradora lesbianwisdom bad or good did say awe Imao then hygienist and assistant alll came over look too and they were like wooooow" and my ass sitting there like S CE WEER Weny

Story About A Sketchy-Ass Town, A Retainer, And A Bunch Of Homicides Is A WILD Ride

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Tweet that reads, "Don't date guys from the internet. The last guy said he lived in a gated community. Prison, he meant prison"
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List of people in scary and sketchy situations.

16 People Who Put Themselves In Insanely Precarious Situations

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