Dude's Ripped

Tweet that reads, "What's the name of that famous diagram with the n*gga doing jumping jacks with his meat out?" next to a photo of the Vitruvian Man drawing
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A Work Of Art

Stock photo of a doctor telling a patient that he has to draw blood, above the same stock photo of him saying "thanks for waiting" and holding a drawing of a drop of blood
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Nailed It

Pic of Ariana Grande on someone's phone next to a terrible drawing they did of said photo
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F*ck It

Caption that reads, "When there is five minutes remaining on your test" above a drawing of a horse that has a rushed, terrible-looking front end
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Woman Absolutely Shames Donald Trump in a Twitter Rant After Trump Tweets About Saturday Night Live Sketch

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Watch This Hilarious Sketch About a Noseless Support Group

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Tom Brady's Super Weird Deflategate Courtroom Sketch Gets Thrown Around Like a Squishy Football

Tom Brady's courtroom sketch gets the meme treatment.
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Obama's Anger Translator: Victory

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