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SJW Accuses Kellogg’s Strike Supporters of Ableism, Gets Roasted and Meme’d

'Hi, someone with heavy food sensory issues here!'
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GameSpot Writer Kallie Plagge rats out sexist loser who cyber bullied her | tweet by inkydojikko This guy sent hate on Facebook so told his mom on him. She really nice about

GameSpot Game Reviewer Rats Out Jerk To His Own Mother

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And Nothing's Great

sjw america - 8477225472
By Unknown
politically correct sjw Video - 78103553

Here's Why Banning Donald Trump From the UK Doesn't Make Sense

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sjw Video politics - 78095105

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Addresses Politically Correct College Students and Totally Nails It

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As If Steve Would Ever be on 4Chan

sjw tumblr 4chan civil war avengers - 8595408128
politically correct sjw parody Video - 75744257

Beware the Perils of Politically Correct Classrooms

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racism sjw Video - 74128129

Getting Pulled Over? Social Justice Warrior Friend Has Your Back!

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Some Truth About Art That Everyone Seems to Forget

Via Agorist Ball
sjw the internets social media Video - 73390081

Worried Your Social Media Posts Might Offend People? There's an App for That!

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Social Justice Physics

physics sjw science web comics - 8522972928
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)
Video wtf sjw - 65045505

Speciesism is a Serious Issue U Guis

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Aren't You Glad You Took the Red Pill?


Right Under All of Our Noses All Along

twitter sjw pong gamergate privilege - 8452333056
Via duskreverie
dorkly sjw Video - 68797185

Don't Forget to Check Your Privilege Stats in Social Justice RPG

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The Last Panel is Like Looking Into a Mirror

sjw tumblr Misogyny pls stop - 8396227584
Via Everywhere on Tumblr
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