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Suspicious Instances Where People Definitely Knew What They Were Doing

It's the implication
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Rebellious First World Anarchists Who Don't Give a Hoot About Breaking the Rules

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Weird Signs That Would Make Any 'Ace of Base' Member Open Up Their Eyes

Ever since I was in high school, I've been obsessed with weird signs. My school had countless weird posters on the wall that were intended to motivate us, but all we did was make fun of them. The most iconic of them read this: 30 years from now, it won’t matter what shoes you wore, how your hair looked, or the jeans you bought. What will matter is what you learned and how you used it.
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Funny Thread Tells Tale Of Airbnb Owner Through the Signs He Leaves At His Property

Don't cross Jonathan
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Needlessly Mean & Gendered Parenting Signs Spark Needlessly Extra Response

There’s a market for these?
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Entertaining Examples Of Unscrupulous Signage

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funny memes, funny tweets, parenting memes, parenting tweets, twitter, parents on twitter, parenting jokes, children, raising children | tweet by portmanteauface Parents need get better at teaching their kids swear words aren't actually bad they're just only appropriate certain contexts, this 9yo girl at grocery store just held up bag cauliflower rice and said FUCK IS THIS and she deserves fucking Oscar. warning sign Well, there's no circle thingy with slash through so guess 's okay.

20+ Parenting Memes for the Brave and Exhausted

We salute you.
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Suspicious “Quotes” That Give Words A New Meaning

Very "funny"
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Big If True

What pedestrians look like across Europe different pedestrian crossing signs Poland is facing forward Floating Boy Chasing Running Boy
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Funny memes about astrology | tarot card waking up at end Mercury Retrograde at my exs house with bangs | Michael Scott The Office anyone breathes Libra: Why are way are?

Amusing Astrology Memes For Believers And Nonbelievers Alike

For basics and non-basics!
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Funny notes from neighbors | OLD LADY If Catch Act Putting Dogs Crap Our Cans Will Cut Off Head And Bolt Hood My Car. 2ND FLOOR CAN SEE SHAGGING.

25 Hilarious Shows Of Neighborly "Love"

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17 Softcore Anarchists Who'll Make You Want Your Mommy

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Do It

Caption that reads, "This is a cause I can get behind" above a pic of a guy holding up a sign that reads, "Build the wall around my house, I hate everyone"
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We Thought It Was Funny

Funny meme about condiments, fast food, joke, sex.
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Funny signs, dirty signs.

27 Funny & Misguided Signs That'll Get Your Head Shaking

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Well, They've Got My Support

Sign outside of a coffee shop that reads, "Come in and try the worst coffee one woman on Trip Adviser had in her life"
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