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Funny Thread Tells Tale Of Airbnb Owner Through the Signs He Leaves At His Property

Don't cross Jonathan
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Unhinged Workplace Bathroom Break Policy Prompts Outrage

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Restaurant Causes Controversy Over "No Tipping" Sign

Seems suspicious.
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Needlessly Mean & Gendered Parenting Signs Spark Needlessly Extra Response

There’s a market for these?
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Entertaining Examples Of Unscrupulous Signage

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Bewildering Moments Of Infuriating Incompetence

You had one job
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Compelling Staged Video Has Everyone Reaching For The Popcorn

Poetic cinema
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Funny images of park signs that make fun of 2020 | Three Sisters Park 2020 IS MY NEW SWEAR WORD 'S LOAD 2020 2020 SHUT 2020 UP | Three Sisters Park MOST USELESS PURCHASE 2019 2020 PLANNER

The Horrors Of 2020 Conveyed By 18 Humorous Signs

Can 2020 just go away already?
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Hell Yeah Brother

Funny billboard about all of the holidays that will be celebrated once the quarantine is over | WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER WE ARE THROWING THE BIGGEST ST PATS EASTER DE MAYO BASH OF JULY EVER
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First-World Rebel

Translated sign from Chinese that reads, "Do not animals;" someone comments below on Tumblr, "Oh I think I will animals"
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Caption that reads, "When you're out of options, so you start dropping hints like..." above a pic of a phone screen with apps organized on it that read, "I am in great pain, please help me"
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This But Up Hill And Both Ways

Caption that reads, "How your parents convinced you they got to school every day" above a pic of a guy swimming in the snow in Russia
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32 Terrible English Translations That Deserve A Pulitzer Prize

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bernie sander sign meme

Bernie Sanders Brought a Big Sign to the Senate and a New Meme to Twitter

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Pull Over

sign wtf image - 8998928640
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Chestnuts Rotting in a Forgotten Bowl

trolling memes supermarket nut sign
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