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Prescription-Friendly Glasses Memes For Proudly Bespectacled Eyeballs

No condensation allowed
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Clever Insult

Tweet that reads, "I was arguing with my best friend, and in the middle of it she took her glasses off and said, 'I don't wanna see you right now'"
Via anlyin
jelly beans blind sight - 77499905

Watch a Blind Man Guess the Colors of Jelly Beans Based on Flavors

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Someone More Visually Striking

bad luck brian blind jokes Memes sight - 6216862720
See all captions Created by jeffhardy09

Scumbag Brain: Out of Sight, Going Out of My Mind

down holding lost mind scumbag brain second sight what - 5149382400
See all captions Created by Unknown

Not Sure if Optician or DMV

DMV driving fry sight squint - 5072482304
Created by Unknown

Philosoraptor: Must Not Be a Good Ninja

hmm invisible Japan ninja philosoraptor sight - 4990540800
See all captions Created by Unknown

Not Sure If Contacts or Eyes Have Scratches

blurry contacts fry glasses sight - 4976747264
Created by Unknown

Hipster Potter: Good Sight Is Mainstream, Too

glasses Harry Potter hipster hipster-disney-friends mainstream sight - 4692574208
Created by PTP010

She Can See Sound?

accents girls irish looks personality Pie Chart sight sound - 4560378112
Created by xkdbyf


I see what you did there Pie Chart sight touch - 4144057856
Created by WoodPaper


Area bladder closet comfortable dark full good hide and seek sight small venn diagram - 3027529472
Created by Toffee99