Caption that reads, "Me: Immune system, why do I have a fever? Immune system: Because the infection can't survive very long above 98.6 degrees, so I rose the temperature to kill it!' Me: I also can't survive very long above 98.6 degrees;' Immune system: ..." above Surprised Pikachu meme
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Righteous Bro

Map of Australia from the 1800s that depicts a giant river going through the middle of the continent, and text that reads, "Thomas J. Maslen imagined a big river in the middle of Australia, 1830"
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Sick & Delicious

Funny meme about monster energy ham, packaged ham,
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Caption that reads, "There's a universe inside of you" above a photo of an x-ray of someone's lungs that looks like it has stars inside of it; someone comments below, "This is definitely tuberculosis"
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Doctors Hate Them!

Pic of a kid, who represents 'doctors' running away from another kid, representing 'apples' who appears to be levitating toward him down a school hallway
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Tweet that reads, "I just got my girlfriend a 'Get better soon' card. She isn't sick, I just think she can get better"
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twitter FAIL sick football college - 1294341

Watch This Quarterback Fumble After His Running Back Projectile Vomits All Over the Field

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Chelsea Peretti Spoofing Adele’s Sick Apology Video is Your New Inspiration For Calling in Sick

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Sickeningly Spot-On

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Yes... See You "Tomorrow"

memes monday thru friday Yes... See You "Tomorrow"
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Worth It

sick web comics - 8764463872
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computers sick web comics - 8754123520
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Don't Bother With Cold Medicine, Just Find a Dungeon and Embrace Your Fate

web comics D&D Don't Bother With Cold Medicine, Just Embrace Your Fate
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web comics sick Figures
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That's Why You Never Became a Dancer

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Godzilla is a Monstrous Cereal Killer

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