Fun at First

FAIL gifs rollercoaster sick - 6956408832
Created by Unknown

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

flu cold scumbag hat sick holidays - 6911484160
Created by platinumdragon7

I'm a Goner

illness dead sick web md google - 6897532928
Created by Unknown

So Many Feels...

feels hospital dying health imagination sick - 6782934016
Via Mentirinhas

How I Feel as the First Sick Person at School

sick cold oprah - 6656357120
Created by jtcaseley1

How Am I Supposed to Enjoy Being Sick Now?

school sick summer weekend - 6540289280
Created by jasonrapper

A Hole of a Different Color

age old oral sick success kid - 6437000448
Created by biznob

Turtle Disguses Self as Stool to Escape Kitty

armor Cats Caturday gifs sick turtle - 6105875968
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via I Can Has Cheezburger )

Oh Man, How Am I Still Alive?

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Created by AngelSword

Every Bit Helps

flow chart homeless sick - 6156692736
Created by buckles_b ( Via )

Cancel ALL the Classes

all the things Rage Comics sick teacher truancy story - 6069529088
Created by Eve4000 ( Via whyvoneenee )

Anybody Can Be a Doctor on the Internet

Rage Comics raisin face sick - 6039890944
Created by namsna

Playing Hooky Again?!

friends lol face Rage Comics sick - 5999642112
Created by Unknown

A Double Dose of It

all that racket food mom poison Rage Comics sick - 6013561856
Created by Unknown

Sweet Breathing Have Mercy

breathing Rage Comics sick sweet jesus have mercy - 5927072000
Created by Unknown