sick burn

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Redditors Share Roasts That Annihilated Them Beyond Recovery

Only the thick-skinned should post to r/RoastMe
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20 Satisfying Times People Got Owned By Clever Comebacks

Got 'em
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rare insults, youtube, witty comebacks, reddit, facebook, roasts, clever comebacks, memes | Chill Weeb 2 months ago bruh he look like breadstick going through goth phase 6.9K ?63 63 REPLIES | Replies 1 hour ago Kanye's brain has many tabs open 235 ?8

37 Roast Victims Who Were Annihilated In The Comments

Hope they'll recover from these sick burns
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rare insults, funny insults, roast, wrecked, burn, sick burn, memes, funny comments, youtube comments, funny tweets, rant, reddit | "Unexpected item bagging area s not unexpected digital f k literally just told is s right there on screen did wavy-wave did bleepy-bleep; up until point where decided have an electronic stroke, things were going exactly according plan mean is haven't been programmed right. Don't go putting this on like somehow gone out my way surprise got places be, man can't be

Creative Insults & Rants From Poets Of The Comments Section

These burns are spicy
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Clever comebacks, fiery insults, funny comments | WhiteKnuckleFister 3h 4 Awards He is right though. If all start injecting Lysol now will not die Covid-19. Reply Vote pudding7 1h Set man on fire and he'll be warm rest his life. 1 Vote +

Clever Comments & Comebacks That Bring The Heat

Hot fire!
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Savage Comebacks And Insults | DAILYSQUAT.COM Man drugged and robbed by Cardi B says still better than listening her music | Words can't describe ugly are Words can't describe beautiful are Aww thx But numbers can 3/10 DESTRUCTION 100 skyrim skill

Spicy Comebacks And Insults That Hit Different

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Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Hilarious Memes, Funny Tweets, Relatable Memes | Ebrahim Aseem @EbrahimAseem Instead asking pic her body ask pic book she's reading. Buy text her pic Have book club date converse. Turn pages her mind. iMessage Today 4:19 PM Good morning beautiful book are reading today book are reading, so can read together <3 Delivered Bitch ain't reading book | Bride leaves empty seat her dead son, can't hold back tears she sees who shows up O Goodfullness

A Fresh Batch Of 46 Superb Memes and Tweets

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sick comebacks and burns | r/AskReddit Posted by u/LNAKL 5 hours ago 2.3k Autistic people do feel about those anti vaxxers using illness genetic disorder promote their agenda serious] Serious Replies Only 610 Comments Share Save O Give Gold O Hide F Report SORT BY BEST Single comment thread. View all comments VulpesCinerea 4.0k points 2 hours ago 02 don't mind Being autistic isn't all bad compared being an idiot Reply Share Report Save Give gold | Paris Hilton O @ParisHilton 17h If someone ever

14 Sick Comebacks That'll Elicit A Third-Degree Burn

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Funny and clever comebacks and insults on Twitter and Reddit | pic of hands tied together to a phone with earphones cord tweet by pepe @Finallypepe But y'all not ready this conversation Soph @sophieesol Got AirPods sorry | father has cheated on every one his wives including mother. Eric Trump O @EricTrump truly hate disloyal people 4:35 .m 17 Aug 18 42.5K Retweets 197K Likes

Excellent Comebacks That Deserve Some Recognition

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Brutal Times People Got Burned On Facebook

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Sick Burn By Mom!

Funny meme about butt-dialing one's mother
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Oddly Specific Insults

17 Oddly Specific Insults To Help You Dunk On Your Worst Enemies

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Funny tweet about sick burn.
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Text conversation where Person 1 says, "You aren't gonna believe who is beautiful!" Person 2 says, "Who is?" and Person 1 says, "Read the first two words"
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Sick Burn Bro

Tumblr post that reads, "Today my little brother (he's six) put a seashell to his ear and told me the ocean said I'm a nerd"
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Sick Burn

Text conversation where someone asks why the chicken crossed the road, with the answer "to get to the idiot's house;" then they say "knock knock, it's the chicken" to their friend
Via Darkbutterflies
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