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Geriatric Steve Rogers Gets Royally Meme'd In 'No, I Don't Think I Will'

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Ha Ha Sucker

Caption that reads, "Trying to figure out which drink has less in it so you can give it to your sibling" above a pic of Kylie Jenner inspecting two iced coffee drinks
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30 Funny Memes & Tweets For When There's Nothing Better To Do

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Don't Hurt Me

Text that reads, "Me: *Hits rock bottom;* 'Welp, it can't get any worse;' Rock Bottom's older brother: 'Is this the guy that hit you?' Me: 'Oh no'"
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33 Delightful Memes Of Varying Dumbness

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It's Free Real Estate

Funny free real estate meme, tim heidecker, siblings, good chair, tv.
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Emily Is My Spirit Animal

Caption that reads, "We feel you Emily" above a pic of family member couples who are "Excited, expecting, engaged," and "Emily"
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Omg What

Caption that reads, "If you're ever feeling left out just remember there's a fourth Jonas Brother" above a pic of four Jonas Brothers
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Sick Burn Bro

Tumblr post that reads, "Today my little brother (he's six) put a seashell to his ear and told me the ocean said I'm a nerd"
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25 Distracting Memes For When You Want To Waste Your Time

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Way To Go Little Bro

Object label meme at an awards ceremony where John Mulaney represents "My 11-year-old brother, not wearing a Fortnite costume for Halloween;" the person next to him represents me; the other person next to him represents "my parents;" and the people behind him looking displeased represents "his friends"
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Funny Twitter meme, I want you to hurt me.

'I Want You To Hurt Me' Memes Hilariously Aim For Our Sensitive Spots

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A Credible Threat Has Been Made

A note that reads, "Mom Charlie poot my Barbie in his but hole and got poop in her hair if he dose not get in truble I will poop on his hamster"
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