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Shut Up, Brain

Funny meme describing someone having weird thoughts while they are trying to fall asleep | race car backwards is still race car the word ok looks like a stick man the letter a looks like a pencil me trying to sleep at 3 am the word bed looks like a bed
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Shut The Hell Up Brixton

Tweet that reads, "Omfg I hate when kids scream in have no real should be me screaming. ME"
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Shut Up

Caption that reads, "Y'all ever seen an elevator with a normal-ass door?" above pics of the elevator with a normal-looking door
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Sorry Guys...

Tumblr post that reads, "'Men don't like that. It's such a turn-off;' good. Turn off. Where is your off button. Shut up. Please stop making noise"
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Shut Up, Demons!

Caption that reads, "Girl: I should really go to the gym; Inner girl: You been playin' these boys for years with this bod, you are fiiiinnee" above a pic of Ms. Piggy talking to her demon inner-self
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GD Lazy Millennials

Captain Marvel trending meme where Captain Marvel says that she can't afford a house, the old lady says, "That's because your generation's lazy. Back in my day..." before Captain Marvel slaps her
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Something little and irrelevant happens, slaps a button that says "overthink"
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Tumblr post that reads, "You can never lose an argument if you say 'shut up nerd' at the end. Yes you can. Shut up nerd"
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I'll Turn This Sign Around...

ill turn this sign around
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Ugh, Kids Are the Worst

shut up kids quiet teacher funny - 7472119808

Because Children Are Annoying

annoying children funny shut up - 7992148480


shut up Ronald McDonald wtf - 7076922624


shut up voices master chief halo - 6977426176
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We Just Got Done With This Crap

shut up cat angry no election - 6813498368
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jimmy fallon Mitt Romney barack obama jim lehrer shut up impression sketch Video - 42853121

Jimmy Fallon's Impression of the Debate

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Every Street Interview

annoying interview news shut up talking - 6636446464
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