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Nightmare production of Shrek the Musical horrifies ticket holders: 'Shrek had hair'

We have Shrek at home
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'This is shorter than a CVS receipt': Toronto dispensary prints customer order that has entire script of 'Shrek' in the special instructions

None pizza guy would be proud
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Negging Boyfriends, Burning Man Chaos, and the Legacy of Smash Mouth

Plus, the rundown on the Tinder date Tabi thief.
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20 Smash Mouth Memes for All Star Memers Who Want to Pay Tribute to Steve Harwell

The years start coming and they don't stop coming
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21 Lord Farquaad Memes for 'Shrek' Fans and Short Kings

Duloc is the perfect place for memes!
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20+ Shrek Memes for Fairy Tale Fans and Ogre Enthusiasts

There are few things unanimously loved by audiences across the board as the Shrek film franchise. The first movie came out some 20 years ago, but it's aged with perfection. The jokes hold up, the characters are as charming as ever, and it's as fun as it was when I first saw it as a child. If I had to put on a movie to entertain a group comprised of a full range of generations, you know I'm choosing “Shrek 2." It's just impossible to hate the ogre and his crew. While the movies are still widely…
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Shrek Memes For People Who Still Like Shrek Memes

There's got to be some of you out there
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'Shrek 5' Confirmed, Internet Rejoices

After over a decade, the day has finally arrived. Internet users can now lay down their arms, even if just for a momentary truce, and celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite ogre. Shrek 5 has been confirmed. While it’s still in early development, the entire voice cast ( Mike Myers , Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz) have expressed their interest and intention to return to the Dreamworks franchise for a fifth film. Eddie Murphy even went as far as to suggest a Donkey spinoff. Many of us never…
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A compilation of tweets reacting to Minecraft YouTuber Dream's face reveal

Funniest Tweets Reacting To Minecraft YouTuber Dream's Face Reveal

Some say that the closest thing to a real-life superhero/supervillain is Twitter user dril. He's anonymous, has a platform he usues for good, and has an iconic look. Nobody knows who he is, but we all secretly want to know who is really behind that blurry picture, sunglasses, and hilarious tweets. The same could be said for Minecraft YouTuber “Dream” who, until yesterday, had never shown his face to his 30 million subscribers. For years, Dream has been building his gaming empire behind smiley f…
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A compilation of shocked auntie memes going viral on Twitter right now

The Funniest Shocked Auntie Twitter Memes

We all love puns , right? No, No, we don't. Puns can often be the fodder of dull people who desperately want others to think they're clever. I don't want to sit around all day and listen to half-jokes from someone who would rather be witty than be funny. My perfect pun does not make any sense on the most fundamental level. I want a pun that makes people question the art and science of wordplay . Luckily, the latest Twitter meme fits perfectly into my philosophy of pun-making. The viral “Shocked…
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Top 10 Reasons That Shrek Rave is the Best Thing That Happened This Summer (August 8, 2022)

It's dumb just come have fun. With a slogan like that, it's easy to imagine an event full of people who simply DGAF. Post-pandemic, young people have simply given up on trying or attempting to be cool in any way and are leaning into meme culture and just being as dumb as possible for fun. Honestly it's pretty liberating and I've already bought my ticket for when Shrek Rave comes to my hometown. Here's 10 reasons why you should consider letting your inhibitions go, buying some Shrek ears, and sh…
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A compilation of random memes and images.

Rebellious Memes That Try To Push The Envelope

Everyone finds their little way to rebel as a teenager. There was one point in 6th grade where my eyeliner was so black, thick, and around every crevice of my eyeball that it looked like I was about to put on a raccoon Halloween costume at any moment. Being a rebel becomes a less attainable identity when you're a fully grown adult. Things that were once deemed unacceptable and strange by your parents become much more normal. Like what, you're in your twenties and regularly frequent your local D…
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20 Dank Shrek Memes To Commemorate 20 Years Of Shrek

Happy Anniversary Shrek!
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25 Of The Best 'Trade Offer' Memes On The Internet

They're worth your while.
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Have Some Manners, Jeez

Funny meme about old people staring at people with dyed hair and piercings above an image of Shrek staring at something | old people: Don't stare it's rude. Save Old people when they see someone with dyed hair and piercings:
Via youdontevenknowbroke
funny random memes | just realized never" is contraction not ever" and "blush" is contraction blood rush" also "studying" is contraction student dying" yes tiny shrek using a phone | Manager have got? Cashier Karen Well, Ive got talking donkey.

Thirty-Eight Random Memes For Time-Wasting Purposes

We got you.
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