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Funny shower thoughts, deep thoughts.

19 'Deep' Shower Thoughts For When You Need Some Mild Amusement

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Deep thoughts, shower thoughts. | People hate writing essays school, yet will willingly write 10-paragraph long essay with sources win an argument online.

20 Deep AF Shower Thoughts For Your Pondering Pleasure

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Funny shower thoughts.

20 Deep Shower Thoughts That'll Low Key Blow Your Tiny Brain

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shower thoughts with pictures behind the thought to make it more like a meme

20 Sh*tty Shower Thoughts That Will Have You Contemplating Completely Unnecessary Things

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Deep thoughts, shower thoughts | Brushing teeth is only time clean skeleton

20 Weirdo Shower Thoughts That'll Low Key Blow Your Mind

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Yeah, It's Just Not Right

Tweet that reads, "'I sold an hour of my life for $13' doesn't sound nearly as good as 'I make $13/hour'"
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Few Have Considered This

Tweet that reads, "Someone in this world has consumed more mayonnaise than anyone else currently alive and they don't even know it"
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Mind Blown

Shower Thoughts tweet that reads, "The reason most of us stay up late is because we don't want our free time to end and tomorrow to start"
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The Mental Gymnastics Is Astounding

Caption that reads, "Why do pizzas come in a square box, made as circles and eaten as triangles?" above a pic of Will Smith from the Fresh Prince looking shocked
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Funny shower thoughts.

15 Mindblowing Shower Thoughts For The Deep Thinkers

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Didn't Need That Info

Shower thoughts Tumblr post where someone points out that your belly button is just your 'old mouth'
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Good Question!

Tweet that reads, "Why aren't iPhone chargers called Apple juice?"
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Very True

Pie chart caption that reads, "Time spent in the shower" with 10% being for getting clean and the other 90% being for the hot water
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Showerthoughts that nail it | Shower Thoughts Follow @TheWeirdWorld people talk about traveling past, they worry about radically changing present by doing something small, but barely anyone present really thinks they can radically change future by doing something small

13 Shower Thoughts That'll Make You Ponder Life's Deep Questions

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Does Anyone Know The Answer To This

Picture of a creepy-looking cat with the caption, "What's the most random thing you thinking of right now? Where TF do hamsters live outside of pet stores?"
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Funny meme about deep thoughts, texting.
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