Very Relevant In 2019

Caption that reads, "How it feels to listen to podcasts" above a pic of a guy eating ice cream next to a sign of three women also eating ice cream
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How Often A Device Will Work

always break day device fix Line Graph never normal person show work - 2523560960
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What a Show

wtf american dad show funny - 7730909952
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Not With That Attitude You Won't!

Bad Joke Eel double meaning literalism band show data - 6663500800
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Heisenberg is a Shear Genius

breaking bad homophone juxtaposition lamb onomatopoeia replacement sheep show similar sounding sound television - 6576461312
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Send Taylor Swift to Deaf School!

4chan deaf show survey taylor swift - 6552463360
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hilarious maury show TV - 6411911168
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If You Don't Use Impact...

a bad time Memes outline show text - 6396494080
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True Love Knows No Boundaries

bro crow Hall of Fame love prefix rhyming romance show - 6257387776
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And Yet He Knows the Names of at Least Four Moves

dialogue Pie Chart pikachu Pokémon show speech - 5723251712
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dinner godzilla hilarious show space - 5708065280
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Gives New Meaning to "The Big Giant Head"

brock Hall of Fame literalism Pokémon rock show similar sounding sun television - 6202841600
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The Advantage Goes to the One That Features Rainicorns

adventure time homer show TV - 6074278144
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The Most Interesting Show at the Time

download season show television the most interesting man in the world - 5857135872
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I Feel Your Pain, Michael

boss double meaning Hall of Fame misinterpretation nickname show television - 5844519168
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Do You Really Want S'more?

confetti funeral marshmallows PTSD Clarinet Kid show yay - 5833293312
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