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Dad refuses to put shopping carts away because he can't leave his 17, 14, and 12-year-old daughters in the car alone: 'Parents love to create problems for themselves'

He's not a good person
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35+ Funny Amazon Product Reviews That Deserve 5 Stars

Would buy again
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A compilation of funny memes about shopping and online shopping

Shopping Memes For Diagnosed Shopaholics

Who says shopping needs to stop?
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Selfish Customer Gets Roasted For Saying People Shouldn’t Return Their Shopping Carts

Never be like this guy
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They Deserve It

Caption that reads, "Always carry zip ties so you can f*ck with people who park like a**holes" above a pic of a poorly parked car with a shopping cart zip-tied to it
Via turtleneckedflatbread

So Rude

Pic of a short guy, who represents "Some baby in a shopping cart at the store" looking up at a tall woman, who represents, "Me, minding my own business"
Via psychobeanz

This Is The Relationship I Want

Pic of a guy pushing his girlfriend around in a shopping cart at Walmart
Via johnsaysthings

Simple Engineering

shopping cart - 8990186496
Via Hypercat-Z

I Know How To Push A Cart!

raisin rage shopping cart grocery shopping mom - 8576691200
Created by Defend_Pop_Punk

This Lil' Baby Has Got Some Serious Shopping Cart Style

Babies dancing gifs shopping cart - 8564860928

I'm Done Here!

shopping cart noms - 8479652608
Created by ToolBee

Worst Shield Ever

wtf shopping cart funny - 8367994368

When I Was a Kid...

shopping cart grocery shopping - 8311818496
Created by DissolveTheKitten

It's a Concept Car

cars funny Hot Wheels shopping cart - 8274096384
Created by Unknown

Now That's a Shopping Cart

cars funny shopping cart wtf - 8248724736

The Shopping Cart Is His Spirit Animal

wtf shopping cart tattoos funny - 8070328576
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