Funny memes, 'video games are not to blame'

17 Fresh Memes That Roast The Complete Idiocy Of Blaming Violence On Video Games

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This Is Getting Real Creepy

Caption that reads, "When ads start popping up for stuff I've only thought about inside my head" above a pic of Michelle from Full House pointing out guns
Via IcyDeath25

Coming For Ya

Funny meme about kissing cats.
Via trauma-rat
Memes about XXXtentacion.

XXXTentacion's Murder Met With Controversy, Conspiracy Theories & Very Dark Memes

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guns FAIL Video women shooting - 81814017

Joe Biden Needs to See Video of These Women with Shotguns!

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18-Year-Old Kayla Dixon Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for Killing Man over a Playstation 4

Via wsbtv
guns prank Video shooting - 73671169

Quite Possibly the Cruelest Prank Anyone Could Pull

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What The Heck Are You Shooting At?

close call guns gifs shooting yikes - 8491959552
By Unknown


dangerous ex guns hilarious shooting - 6225454080
By frank44mag

Fashion Cat's Big Problem

guns fashion Cats houses shooting web comics - 8421773312
Via Zine Police

Seems Dangerous

shooting funny truck Target - 8342694912
By Unknown

So Unfortunate,

guns depressing shooting sign - 8325923840
By Unknown

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Phantom Limbs

steam ghost recon Tom Clancy shooting - 8160886272
Via Steam

Nah, She's Just Shooting Skeet Skeet Skeet

Sexy Ladies skeet funny shooting - 7796632832
By frank44mag

Not Designed for Lefties

gun shooting - 7763262208
By anselmbe

Tank Going Off a Jump And Shooting

wtf jump gifs tank win shooting - 6997166336
By Unknown
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