The Walking Dredd

shoop similar sounding The Walking Dead - 6598538752
By Acevedismos (Via Frikimalismo)

Charlie Brownson

shoop mashup similar sounding - 7042461952
By Unknown

Walker Texas Power Rangers

chuck norris power rangers juxtaposition shoop portmanteau - 6645797632
By Acevedismos (Via Frikimalismo)

They've Got the Two-Man Rock Band Game ON LOCK

keys shoop literalism band black - 7129787904
By Crossout66

It Takes Three Episodes to Fire but BOY is it Ever Worth It!

shoop similar sounding dragonball z - 7127669504
By Unknown

Maybe We Shouldn't Have Broke Bad...

breaking bad shoop similar sounding mess - 7115104256
By purplepolecat

Forever Stallone

forever alone rambo shoop similar sounding - 7108837632
By samsilbert696969

The Latest Mortal Kombat DLC Has So Many Layers!

shoop Mortal Kombat similar sounding scorpion shrek quote - 7077267200
By Promethax


shoop man Lord of the Rings opposites girl suffix - 7080715008
By Unknown

His Acting Method is Very Organic

benedict cumberbatch shoop cucumber similar sounding - 7081199360
By spoffle

Don't Wanna Be...

shoop obama celine dion similar sounding - 7031328000
By anthropocene

No One Will Try to Slash Your Tires Ever Again!

shoop similar sounding prefix wolverine - 7021825280
By anthropocene


terrible shoop literalism bull prefix - 6997601536
By Unknown

The Taliban Have Nowhere to Hide!

shoop navy seals hats literalism double meaning - 6991137280
By ScienceDog

Wookiee Monster

shoop Cookie Monster wookiee juxtaposition muppet - 6982110208
By Lucky810

John Lenin

shoop john lennon surname literalism lenin juxtaposition homophone - 6976719360
By anthropocene
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