A compilation of memes about being tall

Tall Person Memes For Long Boys That Extend Over 6 Feet

Being tall can be rough. I am a person of the tall experience, but that claim does come with some caveats. I'm 5'11, which is tall for a girl, but not for a guy. Being 5'11 would've been the bane of my existence if I were a man. I would spend every waking hour cursing the inch that I did not have but believed I deserved. Since I'm a woman, I enjoy my days being moderately tall and mostly forgetting about my above-average stature. When I was in elementary and middle school, being tall was way mo…
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And That's How You Get Smart!

get smart phone shoe - 3094550784
Created by Wolfin77

Not Your Shoe!

wtf angry idiots funny shoe - 8193190144
Created by Unknown

Sylvester Stallone Totally Looks Like This Shoe

totally looks like Sylvester Stallone funny shoe - 7484729600
Created by PhilH

The Old Clown in the Shoe

Ronald McDonald wtf car shoe - 4868075776
See all captions Created by Charkzilla20


bug shoe - 3084273152
Created by REBD


fashion hat shoe poorly dressed g rated - 3338784256
See all captions Created by pivpoint

Chinchillas Chilling in a Shoe

gifs cute shoe chinchillas - 6837008384
Created by Unknown

This Shoe Totally Looks Like Sylvester Stallone

funny TLL shoe actor celeb Sylvester Stallone - 6701488128
Created by Unknown

Classic: It's all Business!

shoe sign IRL - 6682892288
Created by Unknown

Romika Shoebox Logo Totally Looks Like Mitt Romney's logo

funny TLL logo shoe politics - 6663392256
Created by robawesome


cat narnia shoe wtf - 4698498304
See all captions Created by I_Am_Morador


bone dogs foot hilarious shoe - 6492713728
Created by adiadv10

Untie It and I'll Do the Same With My Top

Chat Roulette gifs shoe - 6478743296
Created by Unknown

Don't Move, I'll Get a Shoe

best of week giant insect shoe wtf - 6436993536
Created by Unknown

Mr. Bitey Just Wants to be Friends

bed Memes memory remember shoe spider spiders - 6431108352
Created by abyssquick
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