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People Reveal Their All-Time Favorite 4chan Posts

There's no place like it
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Twitter Veterans Reminisce on All Their Very Best Sh*tposts and Memes

Only the classics
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Funny memes about Lord of the Rings featuring Willem Dafoe

Very Dumb Lord of the Rings Memes Featuring Willem Dafoe

Lord of the Rings memes are more than a form of entertainment for us here at Memebase. They are actually a lifestyle. That's why we carefully curate a weekly collection of the silly and often sweetly stupid gems. While many of the Lord of the Rings memes we harvest hail from the dark corners of Reddit, we also spend a lot of time perusing the world of LOTR shitposts on Facebook. It may be a scary website filled with misinformed boomers and married couples with joint accounts, but there are stil…
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People Can’t Stop Going “Goblin Mode” Thanks To Fiendish New Meme

Pure chaos
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Funny and Random Memes For When a Break is Necessary

Take it easy.
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15+ Cursed And Unhinged Images That Cater To Disgruntled Boomers

It's (boomer) media
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15+ Absurd NFTs That Don’t Look As Expensive As They Probably Are

Is this art?
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Tolkien Tuesday #63: 40+ Dank & Dumb 'Lord of the Rings' Memes

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Bizarre New Meme Has Saddam Hussein Hiding In The Darndest Places

How did he get there?
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Meet 'Shroomjak,' the Wholesome New Wojak Charming the Internet

There's a new wojak in town
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40+ Memes Of Varying Degrees Of Stupidity

Hey, they scratch an itch.
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Know Your Meme 101 explains how rapper and hip hop artist DaBaby became a meme

Meme Experts Explain How DaBaby Became A Meme Star

DaBaby AKA Jonathan Lyndale Kirk used to be best known for his work as a rap artist. Nowadays, it's safe to say he's best know for something else. And none of our timelines have been safe. So, what's the story behind DaBaby transforming from a rap star into a meme star? Without further ado, let's gooo.
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Tolkien Tuesday #18 Lord of the Rings memes, dank memes, jrr tolkien, gandalf, gimli, saruman, sauron, legolas, aragorn, elves, frodo baggins, bilbo baggins, hobbits, reddit | Falling off roof as kid alright not hurt danklotrmemes Sleeping weird position 30s My body is broken. | Are seriously on phone while Sauron is about reveal his deadliest servant?

Tolkien Tuesday #18: 30 Dank & Dumb 'Lord Of The Rings' Memes

The perfect accompaniment for Second Breakfast.
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Funny and dank lord of the rings memes | Dwarves Moria calmly mining their mithril Balrog: Bonjour bear | CAN SEE refuse Wear Mask. THERE ARE MARKINGS S SOME FORM SELFISH. Frodo reading the writing on the ring

Twenty-Six Dank & Dumb Lord Of The Rings Memes

Memes to rule them all.
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Funny memes about Lord of the rings, dank LOTR memes, lotr shitposting, gollum memes, frodo memes | Orcs vs elves People who shop at Walmart People who shop at TARGET | Wizards mid 20th century Wizards late 20th century Oh No wAtEr Is DirTy Am sO wEak now plS miStER Emo KILL Just killed semi- god and came back life thanks god

Fresh Lord Of The Rings Memes For The True Heads

Welcome to Tolkien Tuesdays.
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Funny memes about Lord of the Rings, frodo baggins, smeagol, gollum, bilbo baggins, elijah wood, ian mckellen, gandalf | Smeagol peacefully fishing with his friend* GANDALFS.MEMES one fish about end this man's whole career | Boromir dies but Faramir survives This has been worst trade deal history trade deals, maybe ever

25 Lord of the Rings Memes To Horde Like Smaug

You could say they're precious.
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