Uh, Mean?

Photo of a shirt tag that reads, "Size XL; try on a small, come on, it'll be funny"
Via anlyin

It All Makes Sense Now

wtf headless shirt funny - 7859194112
By Mittens_the_Crime_Solving_Cat


babe boobs help computer nerds programming shirt - 4345778176
See all captions By tmdarby

Now That's How You Climb a Corporate Ladder

fashion job puns shirt - 7835184640

The Floodgayts Are Open...

trouble treble shirt symbol literalism similar sounding - 6687146752
Via FY Modern Family

Not In My Ear!

ear yelling shirt - 6958630656
Via Tumblr

Iron With Pots!

mind blown life hacks iron shirt funny - 8320113920
By Unknown

What, Did You Lose a Bet?

shirt funny awful carpet - 8046892032
By Unknown

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

fashion puns shirt - 7997472512
By Unknown

He's Covered in It

bob crappy ruined funny shirt wtf - 7885512448
By Unknown

It's Her Happiest Place on Earth

fashion disney shirt - 7831356160
By Unknown

It Doesn't Bother Either That the Race Has Already Been Won

fashion running shirt poorly dressed - 7831359488
By Unknown

The Best Response To Being Called Lazy

lazy clever shirt animal sloth - 7802183424
By Unknown

The Dreaded Bieber Shirt

shirt wrestling justin bieber - 7771639552
By Tyler B

Is Anyone Logical?

shirt logic - 7108559104
By Kiltboy929

Deal With It

cat Deal With It shirt - 7067155968
By Unknown
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