Sign that has a pic of a smiling shiba inu with text that reads, "Have you seen him? Now you have :)"
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17 Adorable Wholesome Memes That'll Make Your Heart Sing A Happy Little Song

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Get Out Ma Way

Caption that reads, "When I face even the slightest obstacle in my life" above a pic of a fat shiba inu making a pained facial expression
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Situation: Doge

Memes obama shibe doge - 7941006848

such murica much diabeetus

murica shibe doge - 7907078912
Created by Unknown

new expandsen wow

world of warcraft shibe doge - 7899515392
Created by Unknown

doge's masters voce

Memes shibe doge - 7891886336
Created by Setagana


Memes shibe doge - 7897435648
Created by left_hand_black

So Doge, Much Wow

Memes shibe doge - 7894072832
Created by tacowithbeef

such gov that doge can believe in

Memes shibe doge - 7891200256
Created by ashleyisachild

Doge 2016

Memes shibe doge - 7889355776
Created by muvingTARGET

Wow. Such Love. Must Stare.

doge Memes shibe - 7884837632
Created by ShadowKnight332

So Much Tegno Dogestep

doge Memes shibe - 7877988608
Created by pwnage_pony


doge shibe resident evil - 7865315584
Created by Unknown

Such Animal Crossing

doge Memes shibe animal crossing - 7847585792
Created by Unknown

lookin 4 wow

gifs meme shibe - 7841767168
Created by Unknown
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