No One, Absolutely No One

Funny meme that reads, "Every day in the shower" above a still of Sarah Silverman saying in the shower saying, "Who am I shaving my legs for?"
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Dat Wintertime Mood

Caption that reads, "When you've been single for a while, but got plans that require a dress" above a pic of a guy's legs where he shaved up to just above the knee
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How YOU Doin?

"When you shave for the first time in months"
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Funny pics of shaved mario, twitter, mario, nintendo. photoshop.

This Photo Of Shaved Mario Has Scarred The Internet For Life

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30 Minutes of This Very Hairy Manscaping Situation is Like Peeking into a Modern Day Sideshow Curiosity

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axe bad idea hilarious Like a Boss shaving - 5276222464
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Beards Grow So Fast

wtf beard shaving funny - 8470074368
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Shaving is Fun

shaving - 8460885760
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Everyone Has a Right to Be Lazy

shaving legs web comics - 8419243776
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To Avoid Burns, Use Short Even Strokes

comics entertainment ouch beard shaving - 8347635968
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Ride the Mustache

facial hair shaving mustaches web comics - 8283638272
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Beard Shaving Can Be a Rough Experience

beards shaving - 8258617856

I Never Learn

pain Challenge Accepted shaving - 8188152576
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The Beard Really Does Make the Man

facial hair comics shaving beards webcomics - 8175851520

Bloody Right

expectations vs reality shaving web comics - 8166797824

The Worst Roommates

shaving Scumbag Steve - 8161241344
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