A compilation of cute and funny animal memes

The Funniest Animal Memes of the Week (October 8, 2022)

Isn't it crazy how we're all animals ? You and me are just as much of an animal as a fish or a bird. The only difference is that we convince ourselves we're better than other animals because we're the apex predator allegedly. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that humans have better than animals is language. We can conjugate sentences, and they can do nothing of the sort. That's all we've got on them. Most other animals do not have to go to work. Sure, they have to get food and clean them…
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A compilation of animal themed memes

Animal Memes For Those Unafraid of Bugs

I am not afraid of bugs , per se. I wouldn't call myself an ally to the bug community, but whenever somebody screams and hollers at the sight of a bug, I get a little annoyed. Like, come on…it's a bug. I believe the widespread fear of bugs comes from the fact that they look so much weirder than any animal in the animal kingdom. Most mammals, ugly as they may be, can look you in the eyes and make a real personal connection with you. Not bugs. Those things are closer in appearance to aliens than…
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A compilation of adorable animal memes for animal lovers

Wholesome Animal Memes For Amateur Zoologists

At some point, I'm sure we all wished we were born into the legendary Irwin Dynasty. Imagine being the heiress to the Australia Zoo throne, spending your days wearing fantastic two-piece khaki outfits with your awesome family. I, for one, want nothing more than to star in my wildlife documentary programming and continue on the legacy of Steve Irwin , aka The Crocodile Hunter. Unfortunately, unless your name is Bindi or Robert, that is not the life you lead. Even if you weren't born into an icon…
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funny responses to viral tiktok video of cracked egg underwater

"Mmm Land Caviar": Viewers Respond Hilariously to TikTok Diver Who Accidentally Feeds Raw Egg to a Fish

TikToker @shangerdanger posts wholesome videos of himself and his partner diving in the ocean cleaning up, looking at shells, or just hanging out with cute little sea creatures. Recently, however, the TikTok creator heard somewhere that if you cracked an egg at the bottom of the ocean “something crazy happens.” The video shoes him cracking the egg and it floats around with him and then at the end, he gets trolled by a little fish. @shangerdanger My egge friend ❤️🥚 ♬ original sound - CEO of the…
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Twitter thread where woman reviews the accuracy of different emojis including sharks and scientists

Woman Meticulously Reviews Shark Emojis On Twitter For Their Accuracy

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Funny memes about sharks, animals

15 Shark Memes You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Such A Sweet Moment

Caption that reads, "'Robert?' 'Yeah?' 'Watcha thinkin' about?'" above a pic of a shark lying next to a guy on a fishing boat
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shark memes and pics

15 Killer Shark Memes That'll Give You Some-Fin To Chuckle At

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silly memes to kill boredom

43 Boredom-Killing Memes Of Varying Dumbness

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cover image of a scanned stuffed shark

These Trending 'Copy Shark' Memes Are Adorably Dumb

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It's Really Sad

Drawing of a shark in the ocean looking sad with text that reads, "The saddest part of being a shark is never being able to experience the crispiness of a Pringle"
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Constant Struggle

Funny meme about eating pocorn at the movies.
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Yeah, NOPE.

Photo of someone swimming with a shark in a swimming pool


Funny meme about shark stepping on a lego.
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Beautiful dog, smooth...

shark - 9000325120
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Everyone Does It

instagram shark selfie - 8980268800
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