Rage Comics: He Made Things Nice and Soft

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Just Needs Shampoo

chinese Essentially Memes shampoo shower - 5509174528
Created by itroitnyah

You Smell Fabulous

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Created by Herr_Vorragend

Waste ALL the Shampoo

hair Rage Comics shampoo shower - 5394933504
Created by F0xtails

Quit Your Crying, Baby

Babies shampoo tears - 5394723072

Can't Tell If Tragic or Better Than Expected

Rage Comics shampoo that sounds naughty - 5354873600
Created by MistahZig

Foul Bachelor Frog: RIP Hygiene, Sistah

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Doesn't Matter, Had Scent

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Classic: Soaphawksta

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If I Could Just Reach a Little Further

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Johnson & Johnson Lied! It Still Stings!

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Created by Teh.Jpmc

The Burn Never Came

me gusta Rage Comics shampoo - 4935290368
Created by Cmlintu

My Head Smells Like a Fruit Salad

i lied poker face Rage Comics shampoo sister - 4925926400
Created by redXcloud

How Will I Make a Bubbly Mohawk Now?!

conditioner FAIL Rage Comics shampoo - 4834363392

Augh, It Burns!

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Created by mikkins

I Have This White Stuff All Over My Clothes

bait and switch shampoo Yahoo Answer Fails - 4769202688
Created by tonymcdubbs ( Via )