saturday night live weekend update moments

27 Of Our Favorite SNL Weekend Update Moments

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Just Shaking the World

jesus world shaking funny - 8064858368
Created by anthropocene

Cable Car Ride From Hell

cable car gifs scary yikes shaking cable car - 7317881856

Shaken Fox Syndrome

gifs fox critters cute shaking - 7060046848
Created by Unknown

Shaking Horse

Funny animal GIF of a horse shaking his head to the extent that it is a bit blurred throughout the GIF
Created by Unknown

X-Ray of a Rat Shaking Dry

x ray rats gifs shaking - 6890760704
Created by Unknown

The Complete Twerks

gifs william shakespeare shaking - 6772491520
Created by Unknown

Shake it Off, Meduesa

dogs gifs water Sundog shaking - 6732933888
Created by Unknown

5.8 Was Too Damn High

earthquake high jimmy mcmillan shaking - 5128506368
Created by Unknown