A compilation of memes about Shakespeare plays

A Sonnet of Shakespeare Memes For Fans of Classic Literature

If there's one author that we have all probably read at some point, it's William Shakespeare. I was such a fan of his that I took two Shakespeare courses in college and subsequently had to buy The Complete Works of William Shakespeare twice (my second professor required a different edition). I loved that Shakespeare's plays were so interesting to analyze. They weren't so challenging that I couldn't understand anything, but they were no walk in the park either. There's a reason he's one of the o…
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A compilation of memes about literature for literary readers who love to read books

Literature Memes For Real Readers

As a former English major, I feel like I can easily scope out a “fake fan” of literature. I don't care to do so on a regular basis because I have a life, but put a so-called bookworm in front of me and I can scope out their vibe easily in less than a minute.
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Wojak meme Trad Girl, Doomer Girlm Yes Chad | Girls when reading Shakespeare I was so sad when they killed themselves such an amazing love story Boys when reading shakespeare You are a saucy boy What you egg? Stabs him
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Reality Check

Funny meme about how not everyone will write shakespeare-esque material while under quarantine for covid-19 coronavirus, rob schneider wrote hot chicks while in quarantine for sars
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'Thus With A Kiss I Die'

Funny dank meme that depicts the Blinking White Guy drew scanlon as Romeo and Juliet dying
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Funny dank memes entitled, "What, you egg?" | bit from a shakespeare play where someone gets stabbed after calling somebody else an egg, followed by english teachers reaction depicted by kermit looking forlornly out of a window. another meme is a waffle labeled with the line from the play, with a content looking cat sitting next to it labeled as english teachers

'What, You Egg?' Memes Roast High School English Teachers

*Something something something* blue curtains!
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Funny comics from wrong hands, writing, literature.

Nineteen Delightful Literary Comics For The Intellectuals

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Funny meme about shakespeare, english class, english teacher, what you egg?
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Funny meme about Romeo and Julieet, Romeo makes stupid decisions, kills himself even if doesn't have to.
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Shakespeare memes using the is that a pigeon image and the drakeposting format

16 Shakespearean Meme Tidbits Just For You To 'Lear' At

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pop songs translated into old english

16 Pop Songs Translated Into Shakespearean English

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classical art made into hilarious memes

18 Classical Art Memes For The Cultured Scholar

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funny memes about the office tv show

37 Hysterical Times 'The Office' Perfectly Depicted Shakespeare Plays

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classic art memes

31 Classical Art Memes That Will Maketh Thee Laugh Out Loud

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That Is The Question

Funny red button meme of shakespeare, with the options "to be" and "not to be"
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Funny meme about Ophelia asking Hamlet to come over but he is busy because he just killed her father.
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