Funny dank 'Sonic' memes entitled, "How Are You Not Dead?"

'How Are You Not Dead' Is A Death-Defying 'Sonic' Meme

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it's always sunny in Philadelphia, the gang, Dennis Reynolds, lie back down

This Distracted 'Lie Back Down' Meme Is A Dank Gem From 'It's Always Sunny'

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colorblind visually impaired memes

Hysterical Colorblind Memes Talk Some Serious Trash About The Visually Impaired

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family guy memes

This 'Family Guy' Meme Pokes Fun At Inferior Knockoffs

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They're Really Disappointed

Caption that reads, "1300s kids that died of the plague watching unvaccinated children die of preventable diseases" above a pic of a guy watching down from heaven
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Family Guy meme where Meg represents "iPhones - You guys always act like you're better than me" above another still of three characters wearing top hats representing, "Samsung, two cans and a string, and literally just screaming at people from a distance"
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Facebook post that reads, "Give yourself the most useless superhero ability;" someone comments below, "Thoughts and Prayers Man"
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Backhanded compliments and insults from Whisper.

18 Times Family Members Threw Seriously Savage Shade

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Funny tweets roasting roseanne barr's excuse for racism, ambien.

Roseanne's Bogus Ambien Excuse Is Getting Destroyed On Twitter

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No Reason... Anymore

image twitter shade No Reason... Anymore
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