We need some sexual healing and what better way to fix the achy breaky with anything blue...Screen we mean. Sexual memes and puns are one of the defining aspects of our discourse as children. Who didn't get asked to join the Pen-15 club? Don't lie. 

Funny video that explores weird and sexual storylines from Spider-Man, marvel, lol

Video: 5 Strangely Sensual Spider-Man Storylines The MCU Left Out

Mamma mia
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Sincere & Heartfelt Messages From Obscene Usernames

Unlikely internet moments of wholesomeness
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Funny British signs of sexual-sounding town names | RIMSWELL Please drive carefully | CITY LONDON BACK PASSAGE EC1

Twenty-Eight Very Inappropriate British Town Names

Time for a vacation.
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Funny tweets about the wildest thing someone said to them while they were having sex | meen @meenaamani_ My bf said chicka chicka ahhh and turned over like huh? He said s they change scenes on Doug KRT ANGLE @SAUCEMCGRAW 2d Wildest thing someone ever said during sex? | Swagler @TheCEOofCEOs Replying SAUCEMCGRAW ready switch positions riding and he said guess check engine light came on 8:51 PM 6/7/20 Twitter Android

Twitter Users Share The Wildest Stuff They've Heard While Having Sex

Mamma mia.
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Don't Ogle Me

Funny meme that reads, "How to address women during grey sweatpants season" above an illustration of a guy saying, "My eyes are up here"
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Funny memes, dirty memes, sexual memes, kinky memes, sex memes, raunchy, sexy memes

Nineteen Raunchy Memes To Celebrate International Nut Day

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sexy memes, dirty memes, sexual memes, sex memes, boning, semen, porn, funny, funny memes.

15 Dirty Sexy Memes For The Gutter-Minded

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j.k. rowling memes

JK Rowling Is Back In The Meme Spotlight For Revealing Dumbledore And Grindelwald's 'Intense Sexual Relations'

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You Might Want To Get That Checked Out Actually

Someone asks on Tumblr, "Is three fingers too much?" Someone replies, "Not at all! Most people have ten"
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Rock Your Body

Text that reads, "There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about that Backstreet Boy asking his pals, 'am I sexual?' and they're like, 'yeah'"
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sexual classic comics

26 Super Saucy Out-Of-Context Comics

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myths about adult films that are not true at all

19 People Reveal the Fantastical Fabrications of Porn That They Took as Factual

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*Tips Visor Seductively*

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Song Content on Kidz Bop

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Your Mom's Mouth...

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