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Bad & Batshit Takes on the Subject of Masculinity

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sexist vintage ads | WOMEN keep Mimsy Clean daily wash with new Lax kebab soap women will freshen up flaps and stop stinking like an old kipper LUX KEBAB SOAP LUX Ask your doctor today | Chef does everything but cook s wives are my wife

43 Vintage Ads That Really Didn't Age Well

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Funny dank memes about being a woman | woman yelling at cat Man ranting about never getting girl having seen all sexist memes he posts | is this a pigeon men woman doing literally anything Is this get my attention

Seventeen Dank Memes For Ladies And Femmes Alike

Memes for the ladies!
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Cringey twitter thread imploring men not to 'lean in' because it makes them look weak | Rivelino @alpharivelino Don't lean strong man! FULLSRKUR FULL UR FULLST RKUR FULL UR ROGUE ROGUE ROGUE ROGUE FULLSTERKUR FULLSTERKUR FULLSTERKUR FULLSTERKUR Weak KUR FULL UR FULL ROGUE ROGUE Fi ERKUR ERKUR KUR FULL KUR FULL FULL STERKUR FULL sTERHUR KUR FULLS KUR FULLS GUE GUE 5:28 PM 5/2/20 Twitter Web App photo of a tall man leaning into a woman while they're hugging

Cringey Sexist Twitter Thread Suggests 'Leaning In' Makes Men Weak

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Sexist dating standards for women from the 1930s | black and white vintage photo of couple on a date DON'T TALK ABOUT CLOTHES or try describe new gown man. Please and flatter date by talking about things he wants talk about

1930s Dating Advice Proving Life Was NOT Better Back In The Day

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Funny and WTF advertisements from the mid-twentieth century that were directed primarily at women | vintage ad showing a man in a suit comforting a crying woman in the kitchen holding a burned pan: Don't worry darling didn't burn beer

Women's Vintage Ads That Have Not Aged Well

Won't someone think of the men??
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I just found a picture of your grandfather memes, dank memes, sexist

'I Found A Picture Of Your Grandfather' Memes Are Ironic Shitposts With Problematic Themes

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Har Har Har

Chart depicting gold, fool's gold and comedy gold, which is represented as "Holding the door open for a guy and saying 'Ladies first'"
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Funny and cringey memes about marriage.

21 Cringey Marriage Memes That Will Make You Wanna Stay Single

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Burger King Russia fail, pregnancy ad.

Russian Burger King Grilled Over Offensive World Cup "Impregnation" Prizes

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Why Is He So Happy?

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Wit Does Not Mean Tact

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Mr. Sensitive Is Back

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See, Women Are Objects

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