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anatomy, sex, women, men, bad anatomy, funny comments, stupid people, reddit, facepalm, cringe, sexism, orgasm, memes, funny, human body | is worse than broken heart? Menstrual pain, homelessness, hunger etc. As guy think menstrual pain is myth | Hello girls just wanted some opinions on do really worried am wanting another baby but had my placenta taken out my daughter born does this mean can't have any more children or do need placenta transplant? Thankyou, Tia xx O Like Comment

Dumb People Who Have Zero Understanding Of Human Anatomy

These people should have paid attention in sex ed
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Funny stories from when kids were given the sex talk, how babies are made, etc, tweets, funny twitter memes

10+ Funny Tales From When Kids Were Given the Sex Talk

The birds and the bees.
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Twitter thread from @brownandbella baout the dumbest things men have said about sex and reproductive health | tweet by Varah T @VarahTs 7h Replying brownandbella and @ReignOfApril coworker genuinely thought women did all our business, including birth, out 1 hole. He his late 20s went on lunch

Women Share Dumb Things Men Have Said To Them About Sex And Women's Health

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cringey social media posts, sex, menstruation, sex education, cringe, cringeworthy | so inspiring Why do girls keep having periods they hate them? Just stop having them, do makes happy | Julia Carpenter @juliaccarpenter This is happens let men write books partiar denture unat ne aiscreetly wrapped Kleenex and micked inpocket his suit coat he thougn ous wasn't watching. But she bathroom door didn't altogether close, due old frame house settling over centuries, and she had sit on toilet some

Dumb & Cringey People Who Need To Take Sex Ed

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bad human anatomy, anatomy, sex, memes, funny tweets, twitter, stupid people, wtf, cringe, yikes, ignorant, pee is stored in the balls, sex ed

20+ Ignorant People Who Don't Understand Human Anatomy

We're doomed as a species.
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period, trolling, tiktok, twitter, sex ed, sex education, wtf, skin, peeling, gross

Tiktokers Convince Everyone That Having Periods Makes Them Shed Like A Lizard

Why are you guys so surprised?
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Funny memes, dating memes, sex memes, shaquille o'neal sex ed meme.

27 Leisurely Memes To Help You Lean Into The Weekend

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Funny and embarrassing memories from sex ed class, whisper, sex education, embarrassing stories.

20 People Share Their Weirdest And Funniest Sex Ed Memories

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sex-ed class cringe questions

People Share the Most Cringe-Worthy and Hilarious Questions That Were Asked During Their Sex-Ed Classes

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Just Home School Your Kids

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Please, Talk to Your Kids

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Get Some Antifungal Cream for That Burn!

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Sex-Ed Class

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Rage Comics: How About Some Manual Stimulation?

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It's Only Natural!

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