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Funny tweets about seth rogen mom sandy rogen having sex funny response burn this app to the ground

Seth Rogen's Mom Tweeted About Having Great Sex and He's Not Happy About It

Poor Seth.
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Top 20+ Funniest Movies of All Time to Make You LOL | Cheezburger

It can be hard to pinpoint the funniest movies of all time when asked. Comedy has been around for quite a while, and every generation has its own special style when it comes to making people laugh. That said, the urge to sit back, relax and enjoy some humor is pretty universal - especially when the world seems to be crumbling around us. Unfortunately, when the couch is calling our name it can be hard to muster up good ideas. Scrolling through Netflix's consistently deteriorating selection doesn…
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Twitter roasts Jonathan Kay of Quillette for using Arm & Hammer dog shampoo | so it turns out I've been using dog shampoo on my hair for the last few months. (I only discovered it when I ran out and needed to get more.) this is partly my own fault but it doesnt help that @ArmandHammer has the word "pets" in like 4-pt typeface. I'm guessing this is common

Twitter's Roasting A Dude For Admitting To Using Dog Shampoo

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Funny tweets in response to there being a version of the movie 'Cats' that shows the characters' buttholes | Jack Waz @jackwaz Replying benmekler VEX producer friend friend hired November finish some 400 effects shots catsmovie. His entire job remove CGI buttholes had been inserted few months before. Which means somewhere out there, there exists butthole cut Cats

Apparently A 'Butthole Version' Of The Movie 'Cats' Exists, And The Internet Is Demanding To See It this a thing.
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24 Cool Memes For Cool People

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Got 'Em

Tweet that reads, "Swearing is so unattractive;" Seth Rogan replies below, "I'm already unattractive so mind your f*cking business"
Via jaiddd29
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Seth Rogen Just Revealed Some Juicy Secrets From The Set Of 'Pineapple Express'

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celeb rap battle Seth Rogen - 76028929

Wait Until You See Seth Rogen Try to Freestyle

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30 Rock Predicted the Cancellation of 'The Interview'

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