Bartenders share their least favorite parts of the job

15+ Bartenders Share the Worst Parts of Their Gigs

Bless their hearts.
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funny service industry memes | Will be leaving any tip on order? Customer Blinking white guy Drew Scanlon | TALKING MY TABLE WALKING AWAY MY TABLE Kanye West smiling and serious

Memes For Weary Service Industry Warriors

We salute you.
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Funny tweets about rude and entitled patio people, restaurants, patios, funny | lemon labradorite @mamandelulu Replying xLaboure @freshhel and @hooleil Classic. Also s really sunny at this table don't have another spot looking at same damn packed patio they are no mean, yes inside. This is outside, ma'am sun is just out here and stuff | certified wide @bacchus2014 Replying freshhel and @lunch_enjoyer worked at an outdoor restaurant with covered outdoor patio. Table insisted on sitting out there

Twitter Users Bond Over The Heartless Entitlement Of Patio Diners

They don't care if you live or you die.
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army memes, military memes | soldier proposing to woman in front of other soldiers: When you've known her for 10 minutes. surprised pikachu meme Military Doctor: Have you tried ibuprofen? Me: yes Military Doctor: And you're still in pain? Me: Yes Military Doctor:

Military Memes Perfect For 'Embracing The Suck'

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Funny memes about the military, military memes.

33 Military Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Struggle

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Military Memes

17 Military Memes Worthy Of Some Sweet 'Chest Candy'

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Military memes.

34 Hilarious Military Memes That Know The Struggle

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Funny memes for people who work retail

19 Funny Memes That'll Trigger Anyone Who's Worked Retail

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Military memes, sad, death, war.

28 Sobering Military Memes That'll Give You A Dose Of Perspective

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Funny military memes, patriotic memes.

15 Hilarious Military Memes For Anyone Who's Served

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Can I Get Some Service Here?

gifs cute service Cats - 8552952576
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She's Super Disappointed

Cats depressing funny service - 8325926144
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What the Hell Is a Buffet

buffet service idiots funny - 7997559808
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anime sexy men service - 4140539648
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wtf service dave - 6877567232
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People Nowadays

stupid questions service what - 6659658752
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