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Restaurant Worker Memes For Broke Line Cooks and Servers Who Have to Deal With Karens

Working at a restaurant is kind of bad for your health. I've seen both front of house and back of house people succumb to alcoholism, drug addiction, burnout and dark depression. I've experienced some of these ails as well. Unfortunately, working a high-paced and high-stress job kind of goes along with those pitfalls. But for all the glaring problems with restaurant work , the industry can help people develop much-needed empathy and compassion. Servers, bartenders, and even broke line cooks are…
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People Debate the Thorny Relationship Between Chefs and Front of House Staff

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Painfully Relatable Memes For People in the Restaurant Industry

The underbelly of working in the restaurant industry has gained a lot of attention since FX dropped their latest smash hit The Bear. The single-camera dramedy has both critics and viewers raving. Let's just say that awards season will be featuring a lot of “chef speak”. But the kitchen slang that has become so popular is only one facet of chaotic restaurant life and the jobs that make the whole operation happen. The reality is a lot less sexy than Jeremy Allen White The reality of working both…
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Painfully Relatable Memes For People Who Work in Restaurants

Working at a restauran t isn't for the faint of heart. For some reason, before I got my job at a Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper East Side, I thought I was a natural-born server. Describing food to people is basically my hobby, and if I could get paid for it? Dream gig. I was so, so wrong. Before reaching server status at this restaurant, I had to do some time as a backwaiter. Backwaiters are glorified busboys. They're integral to the operation, gracefully pouring water and pulling empty…
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Relatable Memes For Overworked & Undertipped Servers

There's a very specific camaraderie you develop when working in a restaurant/bar. People are actually relatively on point when they refer to working together as “being in the trenches.” When the rush comes around it's almost like you're put on autopilot. Swerving through the bus stations, screaming “Corner!” to prevent a terrible accident, and going back and forth from the table because they refuse to order their drinks at the same time. The stress of it all is pretty unparalleled - and if you'…
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Service Industry Workers Are Sharing the Different Worlds That Are the Back of House vs the Front of House

Service Industry Workers Are Sharing the Different Worlds That Are the Back of House vs the Front of House

Servers are going to another dimension when they walk from your table to the kitchen…
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Restaurant Worker Memes For Servers and Back of House Alike

If you're an Anthony Bourdain fan, or have worked service, you may have seen this quote pop up during your internet travels: ‘You can always tell when a person has worked in a restaurant. There’s an empathy that can only be cultivated by those who’ve stood between a hungry mouth and a $28 pork chop, a special understanding of the way a bunch of motley misfits can be a family. Service industry work develops the “soft skills” recruiters talk about on LinkedIn — discipline, promptness, the ability…
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Frustrating Service Industry Tales From Disgruntled Servers

In these trying times, don't forget to tip
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Woman Refuses To Tip Server, Faces Immediate Backlash

No one wins here
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Thread debates whether working in food service or retail is the worse job

People Debate Whether Food Service Or Retail is the More Toxic Gig

They both suck, let's be real.
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15+ Crazy Server Nightmares Both Real & Sleep-Induced

It's a very, very hard job.
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Memes For Weary Service Industry Warriors

We salute you.
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Funny tweets about rude and entitled patio people, restaurants, patios, funny | lemon labradorite @mamandelulu Replying xLaboure @freshhel and @hooleil Classic. Also s really sunny at this table don't have another spot looking at same damn packed patio they are no mean, yes inside. This is outside, ma'am sun is just out here and stuff | certified wide @bacchus2014 Replying freshhel and @lunch_enjoyer worked at an outdoor restaurant with covered outdoor patio. Table insisted on sitting out there

Twitter Users Bond Over The Heartless Entitlement Of Patio Diners

They don't care if you live or you die.
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The Choice Is Pretty Clear

Meme that involves three doors representing three choices: 1.) "Restart life; 2.) $5 billion; or 3.) Tell customers they're idiots without getting in trouble" - guy kicks down the third door
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Call of Duty 2 Servers Be Like

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That Explains That

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