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New Evidence Reveals Zodiac Killer Might Have Been A Guy Called Gary

Gary's online presence was pretty weird
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Funny meme about how people who put their clothes into hotel dressers are scarier than serial killers
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funny tweet blindfolded rubber duck pliers nails razor | Walked in on my kid playing with these, I'm raising a little doctor Nah u raising a little serial killer
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Such Wholesome Times

Funny meme about how the '70s had many incidences of serial killers and Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Boomer: Nowday there is nothing but rage and violence, I'm glad I've grown up in the 70s The 70s:
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Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

Funny meme that reads, "Me when there's a new documentary about a serial killer on Netflix" above a photo of Anna Kendrick looking excited
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OMG He's SOO Hot

Funny mem eaboutwhite women loving serial killers
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Sneaky Marketing, Eh?

Tweet that reads, "Just heard '9 out of 10 Olympians grew up drinking milk' on an ad for Milk Life. I mean okay I get what they're trying to do but I'd be willing to bet 9 out of 10 serial killers drank their fair share of milk as well"
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Well Played

serial killer dark humor hitchhiking - 9174188800
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It's Baby Leatherface!

"My little sister has an obsession with cutting the faces off baby dolls/stuffed animals and putting them on other dolls. Help"
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Terrifying serial killer ted bundy scary story wtf creepy jeffrey dahmer - 5729285

People Who Have Met Serial Killers Share Their Terrifying Stories

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Quotes from serial killers to celebrate halloween.

13 Bone-Chilling Quotes From Serial Killers To Get You Ready For Halloween

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8 bit serial killer theory Video - 83887617

8-Bit Video Game Characters Help Explain Why We Love Serial Killers

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serial killer trolling america celeb Video - 83696385

There's a Disturbing Trend in This Quiz About Which Celebrities Were Born in America and Which Were Not

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You Should Probably Stay Home

web comics spooky serial killer You Should Probably Stay Home
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He's Killing Out There

web comics watermelon serial killer He's Killing Out There
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The Punchline is a Killer

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