Wholesome Twitter Story Is A Whirlwind Of Good Deeds & Humor

Twitter is a lot of things: a hub for political rants and raves, a sounding board for comedians, and a great way to keep up with current events and gossip. And as Twitter user @sixthformpoet displays in this classic thread, it's also a fabulous medium for storytellers who deserve their voices to be heard. This three part tale has it all: sadness, serendipitous romance, humor, and even some serious life lessons. And we're willing to bet you'll want more when you reach the end.

Funny three part twitter story from @sixthformpoet, classic twitter thread, tweets, funny tweets, wholesome, love, death, visiting father's grave | sixthformpoet @sixthformpoet ONE My dad died. Classic start funny story. He buried small village Sussex really close my dad so visited his grave lot still do DON'T WORRY GETS FUNNIER 11:52 09/06/2019 Twitter iPhone 175K Retweets 392K Likes
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