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Facebook Seller Gets Rinsed For Listing Grimy “Animal Print” Couch Set

Talk about pre-loved
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Very Sus Goods & Services People Tried To Sell Online

These items are probably still available
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20+ Times Online Marketplaces Were Delightfully Weird

Ebay could never.
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Funny meme that reads, "Customer: cargo space? Me: car no do that. Car no fly"
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Funny and bizarre Craigslist ads

15 WTF Craigslist Ads That Really Out-Trashed Themselves

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Can't Help Ya Bud

Funny Twitter meme about selling a TV over Facebook Marketplace
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Guy Selling His Water Cooler For Exactly Two Eggs Turns Into An Egg-ressive Bidding War

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Damn Corporate America

Tweet that reads, "Pi Day is just a fake holiday created by math companies to sell more math"
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Got 'Em

Funny meme about microscope salesman.
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Straight Savage

Caption that reads, "Shout out to this hustler who tried to sell merch at the Crucifixion" above a painting of the Jesus carrying the cross while someone next to him tries to sell a cloth with Jesus' face on it
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I Can't Get Rid of This Stuff Fast Enough

Pie Chart selling Skyrim video games - 6572878336
Created by MCATM477

This Gives Me An Idea That Might Make Flying Enjoyable Again

doctors flying junk selling venn diagram - 6306312704
Created by 77Seven77

You Don't Have to Put on the Red Light

best of week Music police selling venn diagram yelling - 6160999936
Created by S.P.A-Bits ( Via )

Old Memes? They're Classics, Essentially

children Memes selling sex - 5517784320
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ads clothing Pie Chart selling skin - 4094722048
Created by redrover1988