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Selfies At Auschwitz: Twitter Users Rally Against Disrespectful Concentration Camp Visitor

People may have been taking selfies 20 years ago (Myspace angles, anyone?) but they definitely weren't taken the same way they are now, whether we're talking about frequency, ease, or more about confidence levels. And while it's nice to get an ego boost on Instagram every now and again, it often seems as though selfies have become compulsive. People will literally take them everywhere, and sometimes, it's an actual problem. Just this past weekend, Twitter user @MariaRMGBNews provided the bird a…
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Stylish Bear Discovers Wildlife Camera, Serves Up Fire Selfies

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Snapchat Afficionado Reveals Insane Way He Used to Edit Selfies

No words
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Twitter memes that address things people were scared of as kids | tweet by galaxybrainboi @koolaid_01 vs my childhood fear. Those faces are evil as fuck bro teletubbies tinky-winky dipsy laa laa po

People Face Their Childhood Fears With This Amusing Twitter Meme

The fears we had as kids were pretty nonsensical.
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Funny Twitter memes about getting romantically rejected entitled, "The Rejection, The Clown" | tweet by zoyajumshaid rejection clown zoya man fuck please no jus no cmon dawg ve're deadass jus FRIENDS thas all ve ever been thas all ever gonna be why would like back bro 's wrong wit ike cant stress this enough are JUS FRIENDS DAWG oh ok

Clownish People Who Got Rejected Meme Their Pathetic Attempts

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So Creative

Funny meme that reads, "News: Instagrammers are going to Chernobyl and taking photos"
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Funny meme about mom and aunt getting drunk and sending selfies.
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Funny roasts of instagram influencers taking selfies in pripyat ukraine chernobyl disaster.

'Influencers' Are Getting Roasted For Attention-Seeking Chernobyl Photo Ops

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Snapchat's New 'Baby Filter' Has People Goin' Gaga

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Delete This

Funny white dreads memes.
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millennials roasting gen y

'Millennial Commandments' Are Relentlessly Roasting The Biggest Stereotypes Of Generation Y

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The Best A Potato Can Get

Caption that reads, "When your crush likes your selfie" above a pic of a bag of McDonald's fries that reads, "The best thing that can happen to a potato"
Via oddments
Funny random memes.

28 Mind-Soothing Memes That'll Help You Relax

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Literally Nobody Has Said That

Funny meme about selfie with a beard.
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Tweet that reads, "Fun way to make someone question everything: comment 'you are so brave' on all their selfies"
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That's What Friends Are For

Funny meme about guys, tattoos, friends, men, selfies.
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