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Terrible Life Tips That Are As Funny As They Are Awful

Stay winning
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Wholesome memes and positive affirmations for people dealing with mental health issues

Wholesome Memes & Affirming Tweets For Anyone Going Through It

The holidays are hard on a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. Many people don't get along with their families - or worse, can't see them - and experience a lonely week of watching other people enjoying the company of loved ones. Some people do get along with their families and have loving friends , but are in a dark place and feel awful around them. I happen to fall into the latter camp. Having a good relationship with one's family is tricky. I happen to be struggling with a heavy bout of d e…
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Insightful Thread Reveals How People Improved Their Lives With Simple Changes

Happiness isn't something that just drops into your lap one day like winning the lottery. Joy doesn't simply arrive after some sort of spontaneous spiritual awakening. Quality of life is largely dependent on the conditions of one's environment, and although many of the things that affect those conditions are out of our control, some of them are. And as mundane as it sounds, sometimes it's the little changes that improve quality of life in ways we wouldn't expect. Like getting a trolly for carryi
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I'll Tell You How It Is In 20 Years

Caption that reads, "Just bought a book from Ikea" above a pic of a bunch of Scrabble pieces
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Some Good Advice

Caption that reads, "Fill your arms with puppies so no one can ask you for help" above an illustration of a guy holding a bunch of puppies
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Where Do I Buy

A book entitled "Faking it: How to seem like a better person without actually improving yourself"
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Self Improvement Is Fun

Funny meme about fixing your life, photo of man "fixing" something but not actually doing anything.
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