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'Think about poor robot!': Self checkout kiosk asks customers to tip, sparks confusion and outrage

The robot doesn't need 20%
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Entitled Boomer Deems Self-Checkout Indecipherable, Tries to Cut Straight to the Cashier, Then Gets Put in Her Place– the Back of the Line

Karens vs. self-checkout
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Selfish Customer Gets Roasted For Saying People Shouldn’t Return Their Shopping Carts

Never be like this guy
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Man Experiences Chaos At The Self-Checkout After A Cat Sits On His Groceries

There’s nothing like the unique brand of stress that comes with using a store’s self-checkout . Not only do you have to scan and bag everything by yourself, you have to deal with the whims of a temperamental retail robot and sometimes stand there for minutes at a time waiting for an actual staff member if things go wrong. Mistakes happen often, but they’re not always unwelcome. When @reecebrierley1 went to get groceries, he probably wasn’t expecting any of his items to be alive. Yet in a video …
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Walmart Karen Divides Opinion After Making Staff Do Self-Checkout For Her

One of the biggest changes in retail in recent years has been using self checkouts at big chain stores. Whether we have been haunted by the spectre of the unexpected item in the bagging area or indulged in the thrill of putting through our avocados as onions, scanning our own groceries is increasingly becoming part of our day-to-day lives. However, not everyone is willing to accept the new normal, even when it's the only option. When @tzipp69 shopped at a Walmart recently and realized that ther…
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Funny meme about self-checkout
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Grocery Stores Need To Get It Together

American Chopper meme about being at a self-checkout and having the machine say that there's an 'unexpected item in the bagging area'
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Small Talk Is the Worst

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Self Checkout Rage

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It Would Be Faster to Order it Online

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I, For One, Welcome Our Non-Conversing Overlords

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Scumbag Self Checkout

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Who Invented These Stupid Self-Checkouts?

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Scumbag Self-Check

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To Repent, Please Learn Checkout Etiquette

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Speedy Self-Checkout, Eh?

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