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Dreamcast Controllers Were a Little Weird

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Not a Bad Start


This Has Got to Be the Weirdest Crossover EVER!

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Sonic the Hedgehog Logic

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If Sega Owned Mario

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Game Freak X Sega?

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With the State of Gaming Today, Judge Dredd Was Sort of Correct

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Classic: I Dream of Online Gaming Without SEGAgration

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Seriously, Apart From Everyone on Earth, Who Would Buy a Shenmue Remake and/or Sequel?

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Created by PhillyWonken

The Pursuit of Sonic Boom

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Created by xamoel

Shut Up Sanic, You Don't Know!

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Created by Ziplined

Tails is Tired of These Shenanigans

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Created by Enigmatic Emolga
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Is Sonic the Most Overrated Game Ever?

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Old Game Systems Reflect on the Better Times

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You Might Want to Work on Your Bedside Manner

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The Book of Sega Genesis

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