‘You told security to keep us out’: Overprotective Parents Denied Entry to Daughter’s Home After She Orders Security to Lock Them Out

‘You told security to keep us out’: Overprotective Parents Denied Entry to Daughter’s Home After She Orders Security to Lock Them Out

I have yet to meet parents who respect their kid's boundaries. My mom for one, is a lovely person, but she doesn't have a respectful bone in her body. She'll tell the whole neighborhood about my dating life, despite my many pleas to not do that. She'll also show up unannounced at my apartment in the evenings. It's especially frustrating if I have a date over. Finally, she went through all my drawers and even read my journal when I was a teenager. As I said, zero boundaries. Some parents can be…
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Bleak and Bizarre Tales From People Who Stare at Security Cameras For a Living

The idea of working security and staring at a camera for eight hours has never appealed to me. I've always figured I'd fall asleep on the job, or get scared being by myself. I never really thought about the horrors that people who work these jobs might see on a daily basis. A few years ago, Redditor u/rudsfromithaca started a thread where they asked security folks and camera watchers to get together and share their weirdest and most disturbing stories from when they were on the clock. These nig…
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'I really need you to train your replacement right': Boss Pressures Employee to Stay After His Two Week Notice Ends Because New Hire Refuses To Be Trained

You make the bed you lie in
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An article about a TikTok where a mom advises parents to leave their babies alone in the hotel room with security camera.

Negligent Parents Leave A Baby Alone In Hotel Room In Viral TikTok

Bye baby!
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Article about a woman who left out a hilarious note for her neighbor who was going through her packages.

Nosy Neighbor Gets Caught On Camera Snooping Through Woman's Packages

How far is too far when snooping through someone's packages? It is not uncommon for mail carriers to misplace deliveries, and you might never see your package again with one misplaced delivery. However, some people are way too comfortable looking through strangers' things.
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Amusing Thread Commiserates Over Getting Cocky About Remembering Passwords

Not again
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Woman Gets Busted Sneaking Date Into Mom’s House

The Ring doorbell strikes again
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Funny tweets about places that have tighter security than the capitol | RACHIE Name a place with tighter security than the Capitol. RIGHT answers only. | cake box and Cheeto door lock

Twitter Thread Roasts The Capitol's Apparent Lack Of Security

Twitter's got jokes.
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Beep Boop Beep

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "I bought a car today, and the dealership had me check off - with a pen, and paper - that I'm not a robot" above a photo of the paper and her signature that she's not a robot; someone replies below, "sweats coolant"
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Uh Oh

Funny meme about using a captcha to select all the bikes, a sliver of wheel is in one box, sweating jordan peele.
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Security Guards Play a Prank on Their Cowardly Coworker

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Here are 2015's Most Popular Passwords, None of Which You Should Ever, Ever Use

2015 most popular passwords
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Who Needs an Actual Security System When You Could Just Rely on DIY

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Don't be Alarmed

web comics protected by cctv snipers
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This is Too Meta

funny memes what is your favorite security question
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The Plus Side of Having All Your Information Online and Unsecure

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